About Us

Amzee is an e-commerce platform that curates and grows brands that encourages natural health. We stand for products with sustainability and scientific integrity in mind. With that, we ensure that all brands on our platform are thoroughly vetted through by our team to ensure that products on our platform will give you the very best that natural healthcare can offer.

The Amzee Standard

At Amzee, we believe in holding the highest standards in the products we promote, that is why we adhere to the Amzee Standard. This Standard can be condensed into SNIPE as we SNIPE the best products for your natural healthcare needs.


Safety is very important to us. All products must guarantee to cause no harm to users when used as intended. This Standard is enforced by documentation that proves that the products are up to safety standards and are tested thoroughly.


All our products must not be physically invasive or have high risk of injury to users. We especially do not hold products that have surgical components.


Internationally Compliant
Amzee is an internationally focused e-commerce brand. So, we expect that all merchants shall market products that are legal in most countries.


We value products that are endorsed by doctors or researchers. We actively read through any research paper regarding the technology of our merchants. This includes documentation like patents, certifications and Written Endorsements.


We conduct background checks on all Amzee Merchants to ensure that products sold are produced without abuse of human or animal rights.

Amzee Education Events

Amzee believes strongly that every person has the right to learn how to naturally maintain their own health. That is why Amzee works with our partners to organise online, offline and hybrid events to bring knowledge about natural healthcare to as wide an audience as possible. We work with doctors and scientists to share their expertise about their respective fields.

Amzee Social Responsibility Initiative

Amzee believes that it is every company’s responsibility to contribute to those in need. That is why Amzee actively supports charitable organisations that have been thoroughly vetted through by our team. One of our core charity partners is the Compassionate Care Foundation, an organisation dedicated to bringing the natural healthcare benefits of Hydrogen to those who cannot afford it. We have also supported Protect and Save the Children Association, an NGO dedicated to advocating for and protecting victims of child sexual abuse.

Amzee supports these charities through two fronts. We contribute a percentage of the profits from our Amzee Originals products to these causes in either direct financial contributions or sponsored products for fundraising purposes. We also use our event management experience to help them run successful events.

Our Retail Partners

Our core brick-and-mortar retail partner is Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy. Our products are all sold at each of their hydrogen therapy centres. 
Learn more about Hydrogen Therapy
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