The 1st Hydrogen Water Generator Malaysia Certified by Japanese Molecular Hydrogen Promotion Association (JHyPA)

The Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Powerful Antioxidant

Boosts Energy

Relieves Fatigue

Repairs Cells

Boosts Immune System

Improves Blood Circulation

Reduces Inflammation

Why Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator?

Best Hydrogen Water Machine

JHyPA - Japanese Molecular Hydrogen Promotion Association, is an entity authorised by IHSA to issue certifications under IHSA standards and criteria. IHSA is an international organisation focused on determining the standards for measuring hydrogen gas, and establishing guidelines for its therapeutic use.

Fully Manufactured in Japan

All parts and components are manufactured in Japan, by a manufacturer with 15 years of Research and Development experience, ensuring Product Quality and Durability. Each unit comes with JHyPA and IHSA Certificate of Accreditation. Hi-bliss Hydrogen Water Generator is the first Hydrogen Water Generator in Malaysia that comes with JHyPA and IHSA certification with every unit.

Advanced Patent ​

Patented technology that provides safe and highly concentrated hydrogen for a long period of time while retaining the water quality. The Hydrogen concentration does not decrease with continuous use.

Highest Hydrogen Concentration
& Nano-level dissolved technology

Ppm is an acronym for “parts per million”, and is a unit of measurement which provides a ratio of the amount of a dissolved substance to the amount of water it is dissolved in. 1 ppm is equivalent to 1 mg/L.
Nano bubble production ensuring highest dissolved Hydrogen content of 1.30 mg/L.

Best Hydrogen Water Malaysia – Winner, Readers’Choice Award

Featured in Natural Health Magazine - Readers’ Choice Award 2019 as the Winner of " Best Hydrogen Health Care Solution " category。

The Difference Between Hydrogen Water & Other Types Of Water

Filter Water

RO Water

Alkaline Water

Hydrogen Water

Improves Hydration
Neutralises Acidity of the Body
Rich in Antioxidant
Reduces Oxidative Stress & Cellular Damage
Slows Down Aging
Stronger Immune System
Protects The Body
Boosts Collagen Production
Increases Energy
Reduces Recovery Time & Muscle Fatigue

Antioxidant Content in Hydrogen Water


Vera, 36 years old from Shah Alam was diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism sometime end of June this year. She was unable to carry out her daily/normal life as she was having difficulty breathing and walking. Amongst some of the symptoms she was suffering from was chest tightness and her throat had bled for quite a few times in the morning upon waking up. She was also woken up at night due to her chest tightness and difficulty in breathing.

Vera had started drinking Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water after her last blood test result. After consuming Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water for 2 months, she had gone for another blood test as advised by the doctor and the results came back great. The index of her TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) level had dropped to normal range. Her energy level had also increased significantly until now. Even the blurriness in her eyes which she has been facing for past two years had improved.

Vera had started to experience the positive changes around three weeks into drinking Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water, which in her own words is “Amazing”.

Mdm Then’s Mother

After drinking Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water for about 2 months, her hair and eyebrows grew visibly.

Mr Eng

After drinking Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water for about 3 months and applying hydrogen water to the scalp at the same time, his hair has grown significantly. Now, it has been a year and his hair has grown even more.​

Mr Chong

The diabetic patient has been taking medicine for
more than 10 years. He has started to experience issues with his joints.

He could not stand for even a mere 10 minutes previously. After going through hydrogen therapy, he can now stand for 30 minutes.

After drinking Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water, the
diabetes index dropped from 7/8 to 5/6.

Mr Lim

Long-term use of medicine has caused some skin problems (dry, itchy, peeling skin and red patches on his hands; itchy scalp, peeling and bleeding wounds). He has tried various soaps and ointments. After drinking Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water for about a year, the skin condition has improved a lot. The prostate enlargement has also improved. The frequency of nocturia has been halved, and he can urinate with more ease now.

Vijayan P

My wife was the one who introduced me to H2 water. At first I was very skeptical. My wife daily drank H2 water in packet from a well known Japanese brand. Of course I wondered why she trusted the product so much.
In the meantime, I did some research and one day we happen to be at Hi Bliss and thought I will try it. We both signed up for a package and I went for 2 sessions for OA knee problem.
I was very surprised how quickly H2 gas could reduce inflammation in my knee. After one treatment I notice the pain I used to feel when I walked for a long time was gone.
I decided to purchase the H2 water generator and have been drinking one litre a day. Although I have only started drinking now for 10 days I noticed the following changes.
1. I have more energy. I no longer need my afternoon nap at office.
2. I just did a whole day seminar today and was standing most of the time. I was not tired and there was no pain in my leg.
My advise is. Read and learn as much as you can about H2 therapy. There are many scientific research on this subject. Try it and check it out.
As a researcher, I found out that our body also generate H2 gas but because of the environment and life style etc, our body is not efficient in producing H2 gas now So when we drink H2 water, the H2 molecule which is the smallest molecule in the periodic table, is able to penetrate all parts of our organs and even inside the cells. Hence why H2 water is so effective.
You also need to exercise, eat proper food and do the things that don't cause damage to your body.
God bless.

Dr. Paramsothy Vijayan

Mr Lim

After drinking Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water
for about half a year, his dry and itchy eczema on the inner thigh has healed and has not relapsed so far.

Ms Michelle

Since she arrived in KL, her skin and scalp have been experiencing problems due to water quality. Due to this, she always used filtered water to rinse her face and scalp.

After purchasing Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator, she switched to hydrogen water. After drinking for about a month, these conditions have improved.

Ms Cheng

She took Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water to wash her face for about a month, the wrinkle on face were slightly lighter.

Ms Wong

After drinking Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water for about a month, the bad cholesterol level decreased slightly.

Patents and Accreditation

Advanced Patent (July 2018) that provides safe and highly concentrated Hydrogen for a long period of time while retaining the water quality. * The Hydrogen concentration does not decrease with continuous use.
JHyPA (Japanese Molecular Hydrogen Promotion Association) an entity authorised by IHSA to issue certification under IHSA standards and criteria. IHSA (International Hydrogen Standards Association) is focused on determining the standards for measuring Hydrogen gas and establishing guidelines for its therapeutic use..
CE Certificate Download Here

Product Features

Intelligent Control ​
One touch sensor button. Automatic Power Off feature for energy savings
Instant Hydrogen Generation​
Saves time. Enjoy instant high concentration hydrogen water
Self-Cleaning feature ​
Automated self-clean feature ensures continuous high-quality water
Compact Design​
No installation or large space required
Low maintenance cost​
Filter replacement is only required once a year or upon reaching 3,000 litres (whichever comes first)
Water Purification Function
No danger of impurities being dissolved

Product Specification

External Dimension
H34cm x W18cm x D38cm
5.1kg (without water content)
Rated Voltage
AC 100V - 240V
Rated Frequency
50Hz - 60Hz
Rated Power
Hydrogen Gas Generation Capacity
28,000 ppm
Cartridge Filter Life
3,000L or 1 Year
Tank Size



Hydrogen Water Generator
Hydrogen Water
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