Empowering Natural Healing

Since the 1980s, our farm utilised generational herbal knowledge to facilitate natural healing. Now, we use the powerful natural healing properties of agarwood to enrich our oil blends.

We at Wellwoud pride ourselves as oud-specialists. Through our multi-generational experience and our high-quality agarwood oil, we bring the 'Wood of the Gods' to the modern era with sustainable practices and scientific backing.
100% Natural
Our products have no synthetics, fragrances, fillers or toxic chemicals.
Sustainably Farmed Oud & Herbs
Our Oud and Herbs are sustainably farmed on our farmland.
Backed by Science
The healing properties of our oils are backed by research that prove their safety and efficacy.

Featured Products

Wellwoud A+ Grade Pure Oud Oil (3ml)


Introducing our A+ Grade Pure Oud Oil, a luxurious and rare fragrance oil that is highly coveted in the world of perfumery. Made from the resinous wood of the Agarwood tree, this pure oud oil is extracted through a careful and precise process that ensures the highest quality and purity.

Wellwoud Kids Sniffy Snuffle (5ml)


Reduce Congestion | Relieve Inflammation | Antibacterial

Introducing Sniffy Snuffle, a natural blend of Marjoram, Lemon, and Lavender designed to reduce sinus congestion, inflammation of the nasal passage and fight bacteria. Diffuse or drop this pure essential oil blend on your child’s pillow to help them breathe easier and feel better. Suitable for kids of ages 6 months and above.

The decongestant properties of Marjoram and Lemon help to reduce congestion and open up blocked sinuses. Additionally, Lemon's natural antibacterial properties help to fight off harmful bacteria that can cause infections. Lavender's anti-inflammatory properties calms inflammation in the nasal passages helping your child breathe easier and feel better.


Wellwoud Kids Super Trooper (5ml)


Boost Immunity | Antiviral | Antibacterial

Introducing Super Trooper, a natural blend of Cypress and Copaiba designed to support healthy immune function and response. This powerful combination of ingredients also has antibacterial and antiviral properties to help keep your child healthy and strong. Diffuse or drop this pure essential oil blend on your child’s pillow to help promote a healthy environment and boost your child's immune system. Suitable for kids of ages 6 months and above.

Cypress essential oil boasts antibacterial and antiviral properties, making it effective in promoting a healthy environment and respiratory health. Copaiba essential oil supports a healthy immune function and response, with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Its woodsy aroma also promotes relaxation and reduces stress.


Wellwoud Soul Collection


Balance Your Energies Holistically


The Soul Collection consists of 7 bottles of oud-enriched herb oils that will balance your energies and allow you to enter higher spiritual vibrational frequencies.

Wellwoud Stretch


Reduce the Appearance of Scars and Stretch Marks

Stretch is a natural oud-enriched herb and essential oil blend to bring you healthy, supple skin.

Agarwood leaf extract moisturises the skin while Mandarin Peel helps reduce scars, stretch marks, and cellulite by promoting healthy circulation. Red Palm Oil and Rice Bran Oil are high in carotenoids and tocotrienols for healthy and supple skin. Calendula, Lavender, Rose Geranium and Rosehip soothe and nourish the skin. Oud nourishes, regenerates and increases collagen production and has anti-aging properties.

Wellwoud Rumble


Soothes Stomach & Relieves Indigestion

Rumble is a natural oud-enriched herb and essential oil blend that relieves indigestion.

Jamaican Vervain promotes digestion. Lemon Balm is a carminative herb & eases abdominal cramps. Lemongrass & Japanese Mint relieve stomach cramps.

Wellwoud Revive


Detox and Cleanse your Liver

Revive is a natural oud-enriched herb and essential oil blend that detoxes the liver and improves bile secretion.

Yellow Cow Wood cleanses and detoxifies the liver. Andrographis Paniculata is known as the bile of the earth. It protects the liver and stimulates bile production, Bergamot rejuvenates and clears liver stagnation, and Rosemary encourages bile flow.

Wellwoud Ascend


Free Your Mind | Lift Your Spirits | Ascend to your Best Self

Lemon balm and rose geranium lift depression, while orange and bergamot provide a boost to your mood.

This Oud-enriched blend will boost your spirits, through the uplifting effects of orange peel and bergamot, and the anti-depressant effects of rose geranium and lemon balm. Elevate your mind to higher vibrations with Oud-enriched Ascend!

Wellwoud Solace


Ease Your Worries | Release Anxiety | Calm the Mind

Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb that helps the body deal with stress better. Clary Sage and Thuja calm the mind and reduce anxiety.

Seek Solace in this Oud-enriched blend of Ashwagandha, Thuja and Lavender which helps build the body’s resilience to stress and anxiety. Let worrying and anxiety be things of the past!

Wellwoud Dawn


Jumpstart Your Day | Boost Concentration | Increase Memory

Enhance your memory with Gotu Kola and sharpen your mind with Water Hyssop's concentration-boosting properties.

This oud-enriched blend of Rosemary, Japanese Mint and Bergamot will bring you clarity of mind, focus, increased memory and concentration.

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