Packaged Hydrogen Water vs Hydrogen Water Machines

Hydrogen water is highly touted to have amazing benefits.

Hydrogen water is believed to be a better alternative to everyday drinking water. This is because of the anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties of Hydrogen Water. However, there are many forms in which Hydrogen Water can be found on the market. This includes Packaged Hydrogen Water and Hydrogen Water Machines.

Why do people drink packaged hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water is sometimes available in a convenient ready-to-drink form. It is portable and storable. People drink packaged hydrogen water because they don’t have to lug around an inconvenient glass or plastic bottle of water with them everywhere they go. Furthermore, packaged hydrogen water can be stored for long periods, but it varies depending on the brand and method of packaging.

Also, Packaged Hydrogen Water is perceived to be affordable due to its low up-front cost. However, as we will learn today, that may not be the case.

Why should you choose Hydrogen Water Generators over Packaged Hydrogen Water?

A good question to ask your Hydrogen Water Supplier: “What is the cost per litre for the Hydrogen Water I am buying?”. In the long run, the cost of maintaining a Hydrogen Water Machine like the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator would be significantly less than the cost of purchasing packaged Hydrogen Water from a store or supplier.

The Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator is 100% made in Japan and distributed directly by us to our customers. As our product is sent directly to our customers, this reduces a lot of supply chain costs.

On top of that, the one-time-use nature of Packaged Hydrogen Water may not be environmentally sustainable. By comparison, Hydrogen Water Generators can generate a consistent amount of Hydrogen during their lifespan while producing minimal waste and being more sustainable in terms of long-term cost.

Why use the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator vs Packaged Hydrogen Water?

The Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator is certified by the International Hydrogen Standards Association and the Japanese Hydrogen Promotions Associations. This means that the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator provides enough Hydrogen concentration in its water to provide the health benefits of being an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory.

Furthermore, there are many approaches to determining Molecular Hydrogen Concentration in Hydrogen Water. Some brands measure the concentration at the point of generation in the machine. Our approach to testing hydrogen concentration is testing the water after it is dispensed through gas chromatography. This allows for a clearer approach to identifying the amount of molecular hydrogen that will enter your body.

Is Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Portable?

The Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator may not be as portable due to its size. However, we have our patented Hydrogen Water Bag that can be refilled with Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water. Typically, Hydrogen Water can only retain its beneficial properties for up to 2 hours. However, the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Bag retains Hydrogen Water for up to 7 days! If you would like to learn more about the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Bag to have portable Hydrogen Water, read more here.

2 comments on “Packaged Hydrogen Water vs Hydrogen Water Machines”

  1. a portable hydrogen tumbler or flask is more practical for people on the go..
    i have purchased the amzee face mist and looking for a portable tumbler

    1. We recommend purchasing a Hydrogen Water Generator for home use and bring a Hydrogen Water Bag with you on the go!

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