Doesn't Water have Hydrogen in it?

One of the things we are taught in science class is that water is comprised of two types of molecules: hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O).

So, we are taught that a water molecule is H2O. Two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule.

With this understanding of water molecules, it makes sense that people would question the validity or effects of hydrogen water. Doesn't water already have hydrogen molecules in it? Shouldn't we already be getting the benefits of hydrogen if that were the case?

Yes, hydrogen is found in water. Hydrogen molecules that are bound to the water molecule function differently than the freely floating hydrogen molecules in Hydrogen Water. Both of these molecules exist independently of each other.

You can picture a fish in the sea. They breathe in oxygen, picking it up from the water when they have their gills open. This is not to say that they are actually bonding with pure water in H2O but rather obtaining the freely floating oxygen molecules in the water.

We don't break hydrogen bonds when we drink normal water - it just passes through us. But our body can absorb the hydrogen molecules that are dissolved in the water, which is why drinking hydrogen water can give so many benefits.

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