3 Ways Pregnancy Changes Your Body

Postpartum is a condition experienced by mothers after the birth of their child. It can have a significant impact on the mother's body. Women who have just given birth are faced with many physical and emotional changes as their body adjusts to life as a new parent, and as they adjust to this new addition to their family unit. As important as it is to focus on your child, it is important to focus on yourself too.

Hormonal Changes

Women commonly struggle with feeling sad shortly after giving birth. This is called the "baby blues" and is perfectly natural after the sudden hormonal changes during pregnancy. When you are feeling low, do confide in a close friend and talk it out. If you are feeling severe post-partum depression, it would be best to approach a doctor.

Hormones are also responsible for other postpartum symptoms. You may sweat more, and especially at night when you sleep. Sweating by itself is typically not cause for concern. But if it's accompanied by an elevated fever or other symptoms, it may be due to an infection. Hormonal changes are common soon after giving birth, and can cause some women to experience temporary hair loss. Panic isn't necessary though - your hair will grow back on its own when your estrogen levels stabilize again.

Molecular Hydrogen can be a solution for you during these depressive moments as when sprayed topically it can help refresh your mind and rejuvenate your eyes. The neuroprotective properties of Hydrogen also play a role in protecting your brain and boosting your mood.

Post-Partum Inflammation

Postpartum inflammation is a common condition that affects many women. The swelling and pain in the perianal area happen because of the induced stress during pregnancy. It usually starts a few weeks after delivery but usually recovers over time.

Many doctors prescribe medication, such as antibiotics, to help with this inflammation. However, as a supplement to taking any medication, we can suggest trying out Hydrogen Water. Molecular Hydrogen has shown benefits in reducing inflammation in the body. Hydrogen Therapy can also be very helpful in relieving pain in the shoulders, back and neck too! Hydrogen Therapy involves spraying molecular hydrogen gas topically to penetrate your body cells to promote healing.

Post-Pregnancy Hives

It is also somewhat common for the stress your body undergoes during pregnancy to manifest as rashes or hives on your body. The causes of which can range from a compromised immune system or emotional stress. As a result, it is advised to take care of your skin well as it is especially sensitive during this period and to avoid excessive scratching of the affected areas. It is suggested to consider using anti-itch creams or antihistamines to reduce the rashes and itchiness.

A natural form of relief can come from Molecular Hydrogen gas sprayed on your skin. The Amzee Hydrogen Glow Mist can turn clean water into Hydrogen Mist that can be sprayed topically. When the hydrogen molecules touch your skin, it assists in repairing damaged cells and cleansing them of any irritants. This is great for any post-pregnancy pimple breakouts, dry skin and any acne scars.

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