Your fur babies are animals of instinct, so why is it that when you provide normal water and hydrogen water, they almost always prefer Hydrogen Water? It could be that animals instinctively gravitate towards the healthier option.

Hydrogen Water has many characteristics that could benefit pets in addition to the right diet and adequate exercise.


Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are responsible for many diseases in both humans and animals, ranging from cancer, digestive diseases and neurodegenerative diseases.

Molecular hydrogen functions as an antioxidant that neutralises ROS in your pet’s body. This protects your fur baby from many conditions that could affect their health while promoting their natural healing processes.

Fur Quality

Is your pet’s fur feeling coarse or patchy? Hydrogen may be the solution for you. Fur quality is improved by reducing inflammation in the follicles which can be caused by free radicals. Drinking hydrogen water aids in reducing inflammation and evens out the coat, leading to a softer fur.


As our pets age, it is natural for their energy levels to lower but there is a way to help them feel more energetic! There are studies that show that hydrogen water has anti-fatigue effects on chronically exercised test subjects.

Wound Healing

According to a study, drinking hydrogen water may assist in wound healing in pets. When you have a pet that loves to wander, they may be prone to injury, to help them recover, in addition to conventional veterinary treatments, let them try hydrogen water!

There are so many benefits to letting your pets try hydrogen water. Contact us to learn more about the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator.


There are many common sources of antioxidants in the market currently. There are whole foods with anti-oxidative properties like lemons and garlic. There is also a medley of supplements available to purchase at your local pharmacy. But what makes Hydrogen different from other antioxidants?

One of the advantages of hydrogen is that it is mostly unaffected by reactive oxygen, which is needed by all living organisms. This is because of its mild antioxidative activity.

They are often demonised but reactive oxygen species are needed in our cells because they play various important roles. For example, it is necessary for sperm production, blood vessel growth, and wound healing, and exercise recovery. These can be referred to as “good reactive oxygen species,” and the oxidative effects of these reactive oxygen species are weak.

Hydrogen has antioxidant qualities that are not as potent as conventional vitamins like Vitamin C or E. This means that, while some oxygen species are good in moderation, you should be cautious about taking too many antioxidants. As hydrogen does not react with reactive oxygen species, it will not affect our bodily functions.

On top of that, hydrogen is a direct counter for bad reactive oxygen species. Bad reactive oxygen species have strong oxidative activity and can do considerable damage to an organism, which is why it's important to reduce their presence.

The reason why there is not normally a distinction between good and bad types of reactive oxygen species is that there was no need for such a distinction. This is because there was no substance that could selectively eliminate one of the two - until Hydrogen.

A strong reactive oxygen species called hypochlorite is needed to fight off invasive foreign cells like bacteria. Hydrogen does not interact with hypochlorite.

Meanwhile, hydroxyl radicals, one of the bad reactive oxygen species, will damage the body’s own cells rather than protect it. 

Since hydrogen’s antioxidative strength is not the highest, how can it be so effective?

The reason is that hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe. This allows it to pass through the cell membrane and diffuse throughout the cell. So, despite its moderate antioxidant strength, it works very efficiently.

If you would like to introduce the antioxidative effects of molecular hydrogen to your life, we can recommend trying out the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator.

One of the things we are taught in science class is that water is comprised of two types of molecules: hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O).

So, we are taught that a water molecule is H2O. Two hydrogen molecules, one oxygen molecule.

As a result of this understanding of water molecules, it makes sense that people would question the validity or effects of hydrogen water. Doesn't water already have hydrogen molecules in it? Shouldn't we already be getting the benefits of hydrogen if that were the case?

Yes, hydrogen is found in water. Hydrogen molecules that are bound to the water molecule function differently than the freely floating hydrogen molecules in Hydrogen Water. Both of these molecules exist independently of each other

You can picture a fish in the sea. They breathe in oxygen, picking it up from the water when they have their gills open. This is not to say that they are actually bonding with pure water in H2O but rather obtaining the freely floating oxygen molecules in the water

We don't break hydrogen bonds when we drink normal water - it just passes through us. But our body can absorb the hydrogen molecules that are dissolved in the water, which is why drinking hydrogen water can give so many benefits.

We have a lot of really compelling benefits for Hydrogen Water. Check out more by clicking here.

Postpartum is a condition experienced by mothers after the birth of their child. It can have a significant impact on the mother's body. Women who have just given birth are faced with many physical and emotional changes as their body adjusts to life as a new parent, and as they adjust to this new addition to their family unit. As important as it is to focus on your child, it is important to focus on yourself too.

Hormonal Changes

Women commonly struggle with feeling sad shortly after giving birth. This is called the "baby blues" and is perfectly natural after the sudden hormonal changes during pregnancy. When you are feeling low, do confide in a close friend and talk it out. If you are feeling severe post-partum depression, it would be best to approach a doctor.

Hormones are also responsible for other postpartum symptoms. You may sweat more, and especially at night when you sleep. Sweating by itself is typically not cause for concern. But if it's accompanied by an elevated fever or other symptoms, it may be due to an infection. Hormonal changes are common soon after giving birth, and can cause some women to experience temporary hair loss. Panic isn't necessary though - your hair will grow back on its own when your estrogen levels stabilize again.

Molecular Hydrogen can be a solution for you during these depressive moments as when sprayed topically it can help refresh your mind and rejuvenate your eyes. The neuroprotective properties of Hydrogen also play a role in protecting your brain and boosting your mood.

Post-Partum Inflammation

Postpartum inflammation is a common condition that affects many women. The swelling and pain in the perianal area happen because of the induced stress during pregnancy. It usually starts a few weeks after delivery but usually recovers over time.

Many doctors prescribe medication, such as antibiotics, to help with this inflammation. However, as a supplement to taking any medication, we can suggest trying out Hydrogen Water. Molecular Hydrogen has shown benefits in reducing inflammation in the body. Hydrogen Therapy can also be very helpful in relieving pain in the shoulders, back and neck too! Hydrogen Therapy involves spraying molecular hydrogen gas topically to penetrate your body cells to promote healing.

Post-Pregnancy Hives

It is also somewhat common for the stress your body undergoes during pregnancy to manifest as rashes or hives on your body. The causes of which can range from a compromised immune system or emotional stress. As a result, it is advised to take care of your skin well as it is especially sensitive during this period and to avoid excessive scratching of the affected areas. It is suggested to consider using anti-itch creams or antihistamines to reduce the rashes and itchiness.

A natural form of relief can come from Molecular Hydrogen gas sprayed on your skin. The Amzee Hydrogen Glow Mist can turn clean water into Hydrogen Mist that can be sprayed topically. When the hydrogen molecules touch your skin, it assists in repairing damaged cells and cleansing them of any irritants. This is great for any post-pregnancy pimple breakouts, dry skin and any acne scars.

It may be daunting to make big changes in your life so it is important to start small in your journey of self-improvement and health. So, let’s learn about some simple things you can do NOW to live a Healthier life.

1. Move Around a Bit More

This does not mean you need to hit hundred-pound weights at the gym and go for a daily cross-country run. All you need to do is move a little bit more to start. It can be activities as simple as going for a walk in the park for a few minutes a week or choosing to park at a further end of the parking lot when going to the mall. Every step you take beats your previous self who would have been content just staying on the couch.

2. Ditch the Soda

There are many ways to hydrate the body and the worst way to do so is to drink sugary drinks. All the sugar in the sodas we drink everyday cause intense surges of dopamine in our brain which makes the sugar-high incredibly addictive. Drinking sodas and similar beverages also contribute heavily to overdosing your caloric intake for the day. Simply cutting out your daily glass of Soda can cut your weekly calories by as much as 1000 calories!

3. Social Media Detox

Social media addiction can have a negative impact on your mental health. Having a constant stream of information could be unhealthy. All you need to do is to find a time in your day that you know that you would not be required to be on Social Media and use that time to engage in an analogue hobby like gardening or painting. You do not have to spend a lot of time away from your devices, even 30 minutes of digital detox will already help you improve your mental health.

4. Sleep Regular Hours

This health tip is perhaps the easiest to do as all it asks of you is to do nothing! To live a healthier life, all you need to do is sleep between 7-8 hours every day. The way to achieve this is to have a set waking hour that allows you to have 7-8 hours of sleep. For example, if you need to wake up at 8 am in the morning, then you will have to sleep at 12am the previous night no matter what.

5. Hydrate with Hydrogen!

Drinking water is great for your body but it can also be better! Consider drinking Hydrogen Water. The molecular hydrogen made by the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator can help you relieve inflammation in your body and help you live healthier happier lives!

Hydrogen water is highly touted to have amazing benefits.

Hydrogen water is believed to be a better alternative to everyday drinking water. This is because of the anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties of Hydrogen Water. However, there are many forms in which Hydrogen Water can be found on the market. This includes Packaged Hydrogen Water and Hydrogen Water Machines.

Why do people drink packaged hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water is sometimes available in a convenient ready-to-drink form. It is portable and storable. People drink packaged hydrogen water because they don’t have to lug around an inconvenient glass or plastic bottle of water with them everywhere they go. Furthermore, packaged hydrogen water can be stored for long periods of time, but it varies depending on the brand and method of packaging.

Also, Packaged Hydrogen Water is perceived to be affordable due to its low up-front cost. However, as we will learn today, that may not be the case.

Why should you choose Hydrogen Water Generators over Packaged Hydrogen Water?

A good question to ask your Hydrogen Water Supplier: “What is the cost per litre for the Hydrogen Water I am buying?”. In the long run, the cost of maintaining a Hydrogen Water Machine like the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator would be significantly less than the cost of purchasing packaged Hydrogen Water from a store or supplier.

The Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator is 100% made in Japan and distributed directly by us to our customers. As our product is sent directly to our customers, this reduces a lot of supply chain costs.

On top of that, the one-time-use nature of Packaged Hydrogen Water may not be environmentally sustainable. By comparison, Hydrogen Water Generators can generate a consistent amount of Hydrogen during their lifespan while producing minimal waste and more sustainable in terms of long-term cost.

Why use the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator vs Packaged Hydrogen Water?

The Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator is certified by the International Hydrogen Standards Association and the Japanese Hydrogen Promotions Associations. This means that the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator provides enough Hydrogen concentration in its water to provide the health benefits of being an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory.

Furthermore, there are many approaches to determining Molecular Hydrogen Concentration in Hydrogen Water. Some brands measure the concentration at the point of generation in the machine. Our approach to testing hydrogen concentration is testing the water after it is dispensed through gas chromatography. This allows for a clearer approach to identifying the amount of molecular hydrogen that will enter your body.

Is Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Portable?

The Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator may not be as portable due to its size. However, we have our patented Hydrogen Water Bag that can be refilled with Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water. Typically, Hydrogen Water can only retain its beneficial properties for up to 2 hours. However, the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Bag retains Hydrogen Water for up to 7 days! If you would like to learn more about the Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Bag to have portable Hydrogen Water, read more here.

Glass of water being poured

Why is healthy drinking water important?

Drinking plenty of water is important for your health. Not drinking enough can lead to dehydration which, in extreme cases, can be dangerous. This especially applies to people living in warm environments or who are often active.

You need to stay hydrated throughout the day. By drinking water you can keep a proper balance of fluids in your body, especially considering water comprises about two-thirds of your body's total mass. Your body performs some important functions with bodily fluids. They help digest food, absorb nutrients, circulate blood, and create saliva. Apart from that, they also help maintain blood pressure and tissue volume as well as many other things we can't even list!

Drink Healthy Water for your Muscles

Red shirt man showing muscles

Water helps make your muscles work better. Drink enough fluids to avoid muscle cells losing electrolytes that can lead to muscle fatigue.

Drink Healthy Water for your Skin

Lady appreciating clear skin

Drinking water is really important and helps keep you hydrated and healthy. It's easy to forget, but the skin needs water too! The skin holds a lot of water and also acts as protection against fluid loss.

Drink Healthy Water for your Digestion

Man in white shirt with stomach ache

Drinking water is good for your bowel movements. If you don't get enough of it, your colon may have to try and drain water from your feces which can lead to stomach cramps.

What is the best healthy water to drink?

That's why it's so important to drink the right kind of water. Tap water can often be contaminated by viruses, bacterial infections or pollutants. Bottled water frequently contains plastic that is leaching into the water.

Drinking tap water is a safe and easy way to maintain and improve your health. If you're looking to take the next step, consider drinking hydrogen water.

Want clean, healthy water that is full of life-giving hydrogen? The Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator can turn any filtered water into healthy Hydrogen Water! There are many benefits to drinking Hydrogen Water. One of the benefits is that Hydrogen Water can reduce oxidative stress, which contributes to your health in many ways. It also boosts your immune system, so it's important to make sure you drink it regularly. If you want to know more about the benefits of Hydrogen Water, you can do so here:

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