About Amzee

Amzee is an e-commerce and education platform for natural healthcare solutions to modern-day problems. All products on the Amzee platform are chosen through a rigorous curation process that ensures the best products for our customers. We combine our online presence with educational physical events for multichannel reach.

The Amzee Standard

To list your product on the Amzee platform, your product will need to be:

  • a) Proven
    • a. Endorsements by Doctors/Researchers
    • b. Research papers regarding your technology
    • c. Supporting documentations is needed
      • i. Patents, Certifications, Written Endorsements
  • b) Ethically Produced
    • a. Amzee will conduct a background check on all Merchants on the Amzee Platform to ensure that products are made without the abuse of human or animal rights.
  • c) Non-Invasive
    • a. Non-Surgical
    • b. Does not cause or have high risk of injury to the user
  • d) Internationally compliant to each country’s laws and regulations
    • a. Amzee reserves the right to not sell products that may be illegal in one or more markets as we plan on opening our markets internationally.
  • e) Safe
    • a. We believe that all products need to be guaranteed to cause no harm to the user.
    • b. Safety Certifications and Testing documents are needed.


Failure to adhere to the Amzee Standard will lead to not being eligible for the Amzee Platform. Failure to maintain the Amzee Standard will lead to termination of the contract.

Why Join Amzee?

  • a) Low Platform Fees
    • a. We only charge a 4.5% Platform fee. This fee consists of a 3% transaction fee for our payment gateway and a 1.5% commission fee by the Amzee Platform.
    • b. Shipping and Affiliate Commission rates (if applicable) are determined by your brand.
  • b) Affiliate Network
    • a. Amzee has a growing network of affiliates and influencers to promote our products and brands. If your product resonates with them, they will share your products on their social media platforms without any charge beyond their Affiliate Commission Rates (ACR) as set by your company.
      • i. Do note that the ACR is different from the Platform Fees.
      • ii. As the ACR is set by your company, please be aware that if the ACR is not competitive, there is a chance that Affiliates may not market your product.
    • b. If you are interested in arranging for paid sponsorship activities for your brand with our affiliates, please inform us and we will work out an arrangement that is beneficial to all parties.
      • i. Paid Sponsorship Activities can include pay-per-post, pay-per-stream, pay-per-video, monthly sponsorship etc
  • c) Hybrid Events
    • a. Amzee regularly hosts online, offline & hybrid events to educate the public regarding our various brands. These events will be viewed nationwide through our hybrid event concept with our digital events partners.
    • b. As an Amzee Merchant, you will be entitled to competitive rental rates of booths at these events.
    • c. You will also be entitled to timeslots for stage space or talks during these events with no additional costs.
  • d) Content Marketing
    • a. All members are entitled to one blog post about their product as written by our content writers.
    • b. This content may be reviewed by your team to be finalised and adjusted according to your needs.
    • c. You may submit your own content to our content writing team and they will curate and edit the content for you.
    • d. Further blog posts will cost RM XXX per 100 words.
  • e) Copywriting
    • a. All product SKU copies will be written by our in-house copywriting team. The copywriting services are free-of-charge and shall be written to your company’s specifications and with SEO best practices in place.
  • f) Photo Editing
    • a. Our in-house designing team will edit any product images of listed products, free-of-charge.
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